Wish Stories

Amiah’s Disney Wish Came True!

“Amiah’s wish was incredible! 

I cannot say thank you enough for this. When we were at the Give Kids the World Village getting orientated and given all the“stuff” it was hard not to cry.  We were blown away with what we received last week. We would never be able to do anything like that again!  What a blessing. “

-Amiah’s Family

Aidan’s Wish

Aidan’s wish was for the Disney Halloween Cruise. He was determines to meet “Jack” from the “Nightmare before Christmas”. His mom described the trip as nothing less than magical. “It was fantastic! Aidan had an amazing time,” his mom wrote. During the cruise, Aidan got the royal treatment from the ship’s crew. He played in the ship’s Youth Activities spaces and spent time enjoying all the amenities on-board. The real magic happened when Aidan had a private meeting with Jack, Mickey Mouse and friends. With autograph book in hand, he got every Disney character’s signature and plenty of hugs. Aidan is very proud that he could give his family such a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Terryana’s Wish

Terryana’s wish for a shopping spree at the Florida Mall was a success. Shopping from the minute the doors opened and picking out items like a professional Terryana made the most of her day. What made the day even more special was tjhe fact she was just released from the hospital after 8 days of treatment. Making this wish exactly what the doctor ordered – a fun shopping celebration!

Caden’s Wish

“I want to reach out to you to let you know the impact the sensory bubble tube had on Caden. From the moment the box arrived at the door, Caden was in shock. He helped set it up in his room, and he is now often found just relaxing in front of the tube. Let me share with you the benefits of a sensory tube. The soothing lights, bubbles, visual display as well as the sound and vibration of this unit make it a perfect calming device for Caden. He often gets overwhelmed with certain events, and the bubble tube helps to center and calm him. Caden knows his room now provides an escape if he is overwhelmed. He can turn the unit on and relax, read, or even play in front of it. Thank you for the generous gift and opportunity. What a blessing you have been to our family.”

Kimberly Cole – Caden’s mom

Juliana’s Wish

Juliana was granted her wish of a shopping spree at The Florida Mall. All of the stores were amazing! At American Girl she was greeted with a personal shopper and lunch the American Girl Bistro. At Justice she was greeted by personal shoppers and her own dressing room decked out with posters and balloons. She left the first of many stores with a bundle of balloons and more bags than she could carry. The rest of the day was spent shopping for clothes, jewelry, accessories and anything else a 12-year-old girl could want.

It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. It is more than just the things that Juliana got that will help her though her journey. It is the memories of the warm receptions she was given at each store, all of the employees treating her like a princess, and the pure joy she felt that day that will have a lasting impact.

Hannah’s Wish

Hannah got her wish granted!

Designers and volunteers who’ve been working on the room while Hannah was in the hospital revealed the finished makeover to her. “They’ve just made me smile so much – probably more than I’ve smiled in a long time – because cancer brings you down but they lift you up,” said Hannah.

After the big reveal, Hannah got to share her newly-renovated space with her friends, some who she hasn’t been able to visit with much since her cancer treatments started back up. “It was a joy I haven’t had in a while, to show them all this room where I would usually be showing them my hospital room,” said Hannah

“The smile – any chance you get to see your child smile is amazing when you’re going through this journey. To watch her sit around with her friends in a room and be proud, and not think about cancer for a few minutes is a blessing.” ” said Elizabeth, Hannah’s mother.

Thank you!

Abimael’s Disney Cruise

At 13 years old, Abimael is confined to a wheelchair unable to run and play like other kids his age. One of Abimael’s favorite things to do is to watch Disney movies and he loves anything Disney. Abimael’s wish was to go on a Disney Crusie with his family. Over spring break he and his family set sail for the Bahamas! He couldn’t wait to spend time with Mickey and all the characters aboard the ship. The entire family had a fantastic time.