Caden’s Wish

“I want to reach out to you to let you know the impact the sensory bubble tube had on Caden. From the moment the box arrived at the door, Caden was in shock. He helped set it up in his room, and he is now often found just relaxing in front of the tube. Let me share with you the benefits of a sensory tube. The soothing lights, bubbles, visual display as well as the sound and vibration of this unit make it a perfect calming device for Caden. He often gets overwhelmed with certain events, and the bubble tube helps to center and calm him. Caden knows his room now provides an escape if he is overwhelmed. He can turn the unit on and relax, read, or even play in front of it. Thank you for the generous gift and opportunity. What a blessing you have been to our family.”

Kimberly Cole – Caden’s mom