New Hope for Kids is funded through charitable donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and community service organizations throughout Central Florida. New Hope for Kids is an approved 501(c)(3) organization.

Individuals contribute to New Hope for Kids in a variety of ways: cash donations, gifts of stock or life insurance, real or tangible property, and in-kind services or goods such as printing, toys or art supplies. Others prefer to participate through fund raising events. Some even organize an event of their own to raise funds for New Hope for Kids! Donors also help ensure New Hope for Kids’ future by setting up deferred giving plans such as bequests in their wills or trusts, charitable remainder trusts, life estates, or charitable lead trusts. This guarantees that New Hope for Kids will continue to be here to help children as long as the need exists.

Corporations assist through direct donations, grants and sponsorships, employee gifts and gift matching, as well as fund raising projects. Some corporations sponsor an entire event or participate in fund raising events through the purchase of corporate tables, auction items and/or by contributing in-kind items or services. They also help by supplying us with volunteers and by publishing articles about New Hope for Kids’ programs in their company newsletters.

Foundations provide funding for New Hope for Kids projects which fall within their guidelines. Proposals are submitted to foundations and private trusts requesting their support for our children’s programs, volunteer support, wish granting, summer camps and family activities. Foundations may also provide matching grants to encourage other organizations to provide support.

Community service organizations, such as rotaries, women’s groups, churches, alumni associations and student groups support New Hope for Kids by making donations from their own fund raising proceeds, by organizing events specifically to benefit New Hope for Kids or by coordinating the collection of items needed by the children in our programs such as toys or snacks.

Over 90 cents of every dollar goes directly to program services.

Program Services 90%
General & Administrative 10%

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For more information or details on other methods of giving, call Marla Sullivan, Development Director at 407-331-3059 x12 or email