Wish Stories

Abimael’s Disney Cruise

At 13 years old, Abimael is confined to a wheelchair unable to run and play like other kids his age. One of Abimael’s favorite things to do is to watch Disney movies and he loves anything Disney. Abimael’s wish was to go on a Disney Crusie with his family. Over spring break he and his family set sail for the Bahamas! He couldn’t wait to spend time with Mickey and all the characters aboard the ship. The entire family had a fantastic time.

Victoria’s Wish

Victoria is a curious and energetic little girl. She delights in playing on playground   equipment and digging in the dirt. She loves going outside and exploring the world around her; the butterflies and flowers, turtles and lizards, and rocks and sticks.


My husband and I bought this house with the yard in mind. Unfortunately, we do not seem to have green thumbs and the yard has not become the paradise we’d hoped for.

Having been born with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect Vika will always struggle with body strength and muscle tone. Now that she has the ability to go outside to play it will broaden her life experiences. Her quality of life would blossom as she explores her surroundings. Playing on a the play set will exercise her muscles and leave her mind free to focus on more academic pursuits. This increased strength and health will be especially important as we prepare for Vika’s impending open heart surgery this summer.

Our hope is that our daughter can enjoy everyday to the fullest. Thank you to New Hope for Kids for making her dream come true!

– Melissa ( Victoria’s Mom)


Ines – 9 years old. “We are so thankful for Disney Annual Passes for Ines and our family! Seeing Ines so happy and taking a break from endless therapy and doctor’s appointments is simply amazing to witness and we feel incredibly thankful and blessed by New Hope For Kids!” – Melinda Mitsouras (Ines’ Mom)


Gabriela – 12 years old. “Gabriela had a wonderful time on the Carnival Cruise. Our contact person on board, Mr. Fernando from guest relations, was very helpful. Gabriela was warmly greeted by almost every department on the ship. We were granted two shore excursions one in Freeport and one in Nassau that was great! The cruise director offered a backstage tour – Gabriela visited the bridge, met the captain and had a spa makeover. Everyone was fantastic and the cruise photographer offered a portrait session which was absolutely gorgeous”.

Thank you so very much for this experience,
Jennifer Gaitan
(Gabriela’s Mom)

Karlee’s Wish To Visit Arizonia

Worlds cannot express the joy you brought to Karlee’s life and our entire family!
I wish you could’ve seen her smile!

With your help we were able to give her the adventure of a lifetime one she will ALWAYS remember. You gave her a pontoon boat ride with swimming, jumping off the boat and and being surprised by wild mustangs on the river bank. You gave her a ride on a ski lift to the top of a mountain. You most importantly gave her snuggles, hugs and giggles with all of her siblings in one place. I will be forever grateful for your generosity.

Thank you,
Jennifer Nielsen
Karlee’s Mom

Brayden’s Bike

When my son was in need of a therapy bike, (which was out of my price range) New Hope for Kids stepped in. They made sure to take care of us and treat us like family! Granting his wish to give him a therapy bike and making sure it fit his body type and physical needs was amazing. Any and all questions I ever had from the beginning were always answered in a timely matter.

Also, they were welcoming when inviting my son and family to other events that their program is involved in! New Hope for Kids doesn’t just help lives, they improve lives! Making things that might otherwise be difficult, less stressful and even enjoyable! If it was not for this foundation, my son (after all he has been through) wouldn’t have the bike he needs to help build his physical strength and emotional/mental confidence back! Thank you New Hope for Kids for all you have done, all that you are doing, and all that you will do for kids and families in the future!

Anna Rogers

Justin’s Service Dog Journey

Wishpic_Justin2016Justin is a nine year old boy that was born with a rare birth defect called craniosynostosis. In addition to pressure in the brain, this causes delays in development, abnormalities to the skull and face. Over the years he has had reconstructive surgery and continues to face medical issues. Because there is no cure and only basic treatments, Justin must take medication and work with a large number of specialists on an ongoing basis.

Each of his conditions creates obstacles in day to day life. He suffers from headaches, fatigue, stomach pain, seizures and leg pain. The leg pain makes it difficult to balance and walk. It takes significant time and effort for Justin to do everyday things that are second nature to many of us.

Justin’s passion is animals. He loves cuddling with them and they help him to relax. Justin’s Wish was for a service dog. The service dog was trained by 4 Paws for Ability, Inc. located in Xenia, Ohio. They trained a dog specifically to help Justin, whose seizures can be extreme. In his case, the service dog alerts his parents of seizures, provide comfort, and also help Justin relax during procedures, assist him with balance, and other necessary support. Justin has not only received a new pet but a life changing companion!



Thanks to the Magic!

WishBlog_thankstomagic1 WishBlog_thankstomagic2

On December 20, New Hope for Kids’ Wish child, Sean was honored as the “Magic Maker” and received his own Magic jersey to wear as he and his family sat courtside. His mom, Josy shared her impressions of the evening:

Kaley’s Wish

Kaley2Kaley recently had a very difficult surgery to lengthen her leg. Before she faced months of treatment and therapy, Kaley only asked for one thing: a Disney Dream Cruise! Her family had the best time swimming, playing games, and sightseeing. Every day was an adventure beginning with a cool and windy day and moving into sunshine and the warmth of the Bahamas.

Parents Sindian and Felix wrote, “We thank you again for everything… We had an awesome time… We need a vacation after this vacation LOL so much to do, no time to rest. We participated in everything. Thank you all again for a wonderful vacation. God Bless.”

J.P.’s Wish

wish_JPJ.P. wanted to see his New York cousins and celebrate in the Big Apple! One of his favorite things to do is sightsee at the iconic Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building! New Hope’s Wishes for Kids provided airfare, accommodations and spending money to make J.P.’s wish extraordinary!

Before he left, J.P. was treated to his own “prom” by the Shooting Stars UCF Cornerstone Team. They shared, “Our Prom on Monday night turned out fabulous. It really seemed like all the kids were happy and having a good time. Everyone was so helpful and sweet.”