What My Mom Taught Me


I am among the blessed; I had the best Mom in the world. That’s the way I’ve always seen her. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be just like Martha Marie; and as an adult, I realize how truly amazing she really was. When she died in 1988, I thought, “Mom, you weren’t here long enough. Your life was too short.” She was only 68. As I near that age, I know that was right on the spot! It takes a lifetime to learn to live well and another needed to live it. (Maybe that’s what Heaven is for.) I’m so thankful for the lessons I learned early in my life because of my Mom and Dad. These are the ones I value most:

  1. Respect authority—God, parents, teachers, law enforcement.
  2. Respect others—their feelings, property and time.
  3. Respect yourself—don’t sell out for popularity, trend or laziness.
  4. Laugh a lot! Not at the misfortune of others, but at your own mishaps. Sometimes we take life entirely too seriously.
  5. Keep a positive attitude—it’s 95% of how successfully we maneuver through life trials.
  6. Learn how to be a friend. Listen, correspond, call today. Be there with unconditional love.
  7. Always budget some “fun money.”
  8. Love people; not things.
  9. Learn to play—games, sports, crafts, hobbies—whatever you like. Make time to relax and enjoy being with others and yourself.
  10. Keep family ties. We cannot choose our family or extended family, but we can cherish and help one another.
  11. Soak in the richness of nature. It will refresh your soul!
  12. Be careful where you spend your time—it’s the stuff life is made of!