Winners for Kids

As The Hopeful Knights mission successfully draws to a close, I wanted to remind you of how greatly your generous contributions have benefited Genesis, her family and New Hope for Kids.

I speak on behalf of my team when I share that this experience has inspired us to continually strive towards impacting positive change in our communities and beyond. Your support has allowed us to tremendously exceed both our monetary and non monetary goals and generate a truly sustainable impact on our campus and community at large.
It is an honor to share that my team and I have won 1st Place in University of Central Florida’s prestigious Social Entrepreneurship Competition, allowing us to meet with various panels and board members to continually promote awareness of Genesis, Spina Bifida and the organization New Hope for Kids.

To tie it all together, we had the opportunity to sit down with Genesis and hear her perspective on this journey with us.

And with that, I leave you with this – a video we created to share with you.

Thank you,