2012 BMW Winner

2012 BMW winner, Ken Champion, shares his story about winning the BMW Drawing of Chance. Just think, next year this could be YOUR story!

Over the past several years, we have traditionally purchased two tickets to win the BMW in support of New Hope for Kids.  We never thought we would win, but knew the gift was going to support a wonderful cause, so considered it a worthwhile donation.

This year was no different, we purchased two tickets not really thinking we had a chance to win the car. You can imagine our surprise when we returned from another charity event for our children’s school and received a very exciting voicemail message.  It was a voicemail from New Hope For Kids stating they just pulled our ticket and we won the BMW!!  We didn’t immediately believe it, and waited until the following morning to check their website and sure enough, our name and ticket number were posted as the winners of the 2012 BMW!

We have very much enjoyed the new car and when we tell people our story, their first response is…”I always wondered if anyone really wins the car!”  Well, we are first hand proof that you can get lucky by doing the right thing and giving to those in need.

We plan to continue supporting New Hope For Kids and look forward to attending this year’s event!  Again, our thanks to New Hope for Kids and Fields BMW.

Julie and Ken Champion