A Young Family Finds Hope

photo1One of our “grief moms” wanted to share her thoughts after she and her 2 kids attended New Hope for Kids’ Center for Grieving Children in Maitland. We’re so glad Joshua and Nicole benefited from our grief program, and that Melisa found hope for herself and her children.

After the unexpected death of my husband in January of 2010, my whole world came crashing down. I found myself alone and with two little kids, struggling to make sense of what was now, “our reality”. How do you explain to a 3 year old that their “dada” is not coming back? From the initial call to the center, I knew we were in “good hands”. For my kids, knowing that they were not alone, that they could talk and play with other kids “like them”, was their first step in their grieving process. Because of New Hope, my kids are now able to sleep through the night without constant nightmares, they understand that what THEY are going through is “normal”, but most importantly, they are happy again! In fact, my 5 year old daughter said it simply, “When my dada went to Heaven, I was sad. When I went to New Hope, they helped me be happy!”

We have made relationships that we will cherish forever. After attending the Center for Grieving Children, my 10 year old son, Joshua, shared, “After my dada passed away, I felt really sad. At New Hope, the counselors and rooms helped me with my grief. My favorite counselor was Lou – he was funny and always made me laugh. I was glad that I met other kids that were going through the same thing I was going through. New Hope made me feel happier. New Hope is now our family!”

For two years, I drove 1 ½ hours in I-4, 5 o’clock traffic to come to New Hope. We had our dinner in the car and completed homework on our drive back home and you know what? Just to see my kids smiling again – it was all worth it!!!

~Melisa Wojteczko