Art and Healing

DSCN1144Looking at Dagmar’s painting, you’d never know the pain she has felt since the sudden death of her husband in March 2009. She knew her 4-year-old son, Joseph, would need help dealing with the death of his dad, but she wasn’t sure how she was going to deal with her own pain. The support she found for both of them at New Hope for Kids Center for Grieving Children has helped them find ways to build strength and begin enjoying life again.

Dagmar has begun taking on new projects around the house, such as gardening and working on a deck in their back yard. She has also found enjoyment in taking long walks. But perhaps her greatest refuge of all is the time she spends painting. She said it allows her to express her feelings in colors and shapes, and viewing the painting she brought to our Center for Grieving Children, you can see her talent.

2010-01-13 15.07.36aThis painting, one of several she has created recently, is full of brightness, movement and hope. In fact, you can see footprints walking toward a full heart featured prominently in this piece of art. Those footprints are her son’s, and the full and restored heart is just ahead on the path they’re walking together. With the help of New Hope for Kids and their commitment to be happy again, we know they’ll get there.