Picnic Pitch for Volunteers


Where would New Hope for Kids be without our volunteers?  Last year, over 10,000 volunteer hours were given to children and families receiving services from Wishes for Kids and our Grief Program.  Pictured above are two outstanding volunteers, Mark Avery and Macey Colavecchio, who spent their Saturday at Barnett Park sharing a fun picnic with New Hope for Kids families.  There were 20 others serving food, assisting with activities, doing face painting, registration, photography, and DJ services.  Since our paid staff has only 8 persons, it’s easy to see the value of those who give their time, talents and energy to bring smiles to children and adults.  YOU can be one of those people.  As you share your time, a funny thing happens–the joy that comes from those you help washes over you, too.

Have you considered volunteering?  There’s a place waiting here at New Hope for Kids.  Consider these choices:

Make a wish come true!

Anyone can be a part of a New Hope for Kids wish through fundraising, donations or hosting a wish. Organizations, corporations and individuals are encouraged to sponsor a wish for a child.

How you can help?

• Volunteer at our fundraising events
• Become a Grief Facilitator
• Become a patron
• Become a member of our Board of Directors
• Provide clerical assistance
• Plan wish parties
• Help with fundraising
• Become one of our speakers
• Help at our family events

There are so many ways in which we welcome your help, so give us a call today to volunteer your time. Contact Gloria at 407-331-3059, Ext. 15 or email