Anatomy of a Volunteer

The anatomy of a New Hope for Kids Volunteer includes:

Vibrant spirit.
Open mind willing to learn.
Loving heart full of compassion.
Understanding and joyful personality.
Nerves of steel and patience of Job.
Time to share.
Ears that listen without judgement.
Eyes that see the needs of others.
Real people: any shape, size, age or origin.

CAM00082.jpgGrief facilitators, wish assistants, event helpers, and professionals joined together at a New Hope for Kids Volunteer Appreciation for those who served a minimum of 30 hours during the year. Sea World hosted a luncheon and gave a free pass for volunteers to enjoy the park for the day.

Myra Venable, a wish assistant for over 15 years, is pictured above with Shamu and Dolly Dolphin.

Gloria Capozzi, Volunteer and Marketing Manager voiced the feelings of NHFK, “I appreciate you for bringing joy to children in Central Florida who come to us for help. These children have known significant grief, loss of loved ones, and many live daily with pain and suffering due to illness.  What you have given in time and energy has offered hope and played a part in healing these young hearts. On behalf of these families, the New Hope for Kids staff and Board of Directors, thank you.”

Volunteers amaze me because they do not have to help; they choose to give their time, share their abilities, dedicate their lives to making things better for others.  They inspire me and make me want to be a better person.