READ, RECYCLE, REWARDS for New Hope for Kids

UCF and its Cornerstone program continue to embrace New Hope for Kids in so many meaningful ways. Our newest partnership is with Gray’s Bookstore near the UCF Campus and General Manager, Colleen O’Boyle.

Colleen was introduced to New Hope for Kids when she was a Cornerstone team member. This group of business majors puts their learning to work to help local charities. “Colleen’s spirit, professionalism and Cornerstone experience has led to an ongoing commitment to New Hope for Kids and other charities. Our partnership with Gray’s Bookstore provides wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses, thereby supporting our community’s merit and substance,” states Wishes for Kids Director Rosie Wilder who works with new teams each semester.

As Colleen developed her professional career, she continued to work with various Cornerstone teams. She offers a Book Donation Program that has already generated $7,570 for New Hope for Kids! “We collected 132 boxes of books this semester alone,” states O’Boyle, “with most going to the efforts of New Hope for Kids, as that is a charity that is very close to UCF’s heart, and mine as well. Plus, we have the UCF Community to thank for our continued success, and we look forward to serving our fellow Knights and the surrounding community for years to come!”

Gray’s College Bookstores are family owned and operated serving UCF since 2008; founded in Louisville, Kentucky in 1987 by Chuck and Ellen Gray. Since 1987 they have expanded to 8 stores in 6 states, most recently in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the University of Alabama.

For the Book Donation Program, the books can be of any genre, must be recent copyrights (within the past 5 years), in good condition (no water damage, torn pages, etc) and have an ISBN (the number by the barcode). Special collection boxes are provided by Gray’s which are used to gather books which can then be brought to their store located at 4250 Alafaya Trail, Oviedo, FL 32765. New Hope for Kids will start to have donation boxes at our Center for Grieving Children and at upcoming family events so that we can make it easy for everyone to donate.


New Hope for Kids Surveys

From time to time, we offer a chance for feedback from the community through designated surveys compiled by New Hope for Kids Staff. After the Sandy Hook School incident, we have compiled a brief survey for school personnel and would appreciate your time to share your feelings and experiences with us. The survey is ten brief questions to help us better serve those who work with children ages 3-18.

Over our 17+ years, we have heard from parents and teachers that their children/students who experience the death of a parent, guardian or sibling are more likely to face emotional challenges, are prone to anxiety or loneliness, often need more support in school, and lack a sufficient support network to deal with their grief. They also tend to have more difficulty concentrating in class, higher absentee rates and experience a decrease in the quality of their schoolwork and homework. We are here to help.

We have compiled a brief survey to learn more about your needs and this information will aid us in preparing our resources and upcoming training programs to be held in the future.

Click here to take survey

Volunteer Testimonials

New Hope for Kids Volunteer Testimonials

A team is only as strong as all of its members. New Hope for Kids has been truely blessed with so many wonderful Volunteers and Grief Facilitators. Here are the voices of just a few of them… 


In 1992 I had the pleasure to start volunteering with Children’s Wish Foundation. The experience was empowering and like nothing else. To see the faces of those glowing children and their families and the gratitude they have in welcoming me was amazing. It was a pleasant experience when Children’s Wish and New Hope joined together. To work with other volunteers and staff members affiliated with New Hope for Kids gave me a sense of community. It is great to see how innovative everyone can be when organizing fundraisers and events for the children. The number of programs offered is very diverse and allows for all ages to participate. -Chris

Volunteering at New Hope has opened my eyes to the difficulties of a person’s life after the death of a loved one. I am thankful each and everyday that I was given an opportunity to volunteer for a such a great organization, and able to make a difference in someone’s life. -Nick



Relationships – We learn from infancy how important relationships are and how the closest ones to us form who we are in so many ways. When we lose the ones closest to us not only does our life change but so do we. It leaves emptiness that we tend to fill with sadness, guilt, blame, rebellion, and a lot of the time sheer madness as to “Why has this happened to me?” When this happens at a young age we feel so “different” in so many ways. Not until we realize that it has not only happened to us, but to so many others that we begin to accept the fact that we are not so different. I lost my father at 19 and not until I started volunteering at New Hope did I truly receive the healing I didn’t even know I needed some thirty-eight years later. To have others to talk to and share the same experience with helps these young people in ways that may not even be revealed until they become adults.


Volunteering as a grief facilitator at New Hope for Kids has added a dimension of humility and gratitude to my life that I could never have imagined. Since being introduced to the program in 2006, the children have inspired me to appreciate what I have today and to live in the moment. The ability they demonstrate to process the death of a loved one with such grace, vulnerability, and heartfelt passion makes me feel grateful to be part of their lives. To think that I might offer some guidance and assistance during that process is an honor for me. I am a better person thanks to all the children who have touched my life. -Christine



New Hope has impacted my life personally in so many ways that I cannot begin to list them all. However, the biggest impact is that I have had personal friends come to me and ask me about grief related to their own children and themselves. I always refer them to New Hope and tell them that I am not a trained counselor, but I know that New Hope will change their lives for the better.

I am proud to be associated with an organization filled with so many wonderful employees and volunteers who give so selflessly of themselves and do it with joy.

I know that if I search the rest of my life, I will not EVER find a place to volunteer that will touch my heart as much as New Hope’s has!

Thanks, New Hope!! -Ginny



After losing 4 loved ones in a six year time frame, I knew one day when I had worked through my pain that I wanted and needed to help others through their pain. When a child comes to “New Hope”, you see a child who is lost and unsure of everything, but when they leave that child knows that “New Hope” is a place of acceptance and that they are understood without a single word being spoken. They are at a place where everyone knows their inner pain. That is healing for anyone’s soul. I am deeply touched and honored to be a grief facilitator at “New Hope.” It is good for my soul too! I have been so blessed to have met these families and I pray daily for their healing. All my love to all the families. -Tamara



On April 25, 1998, Diane’s daughter Becca was killed by a drunk driver. Years later, Diane is now a veteran grief facilitator for New Hope for Kids.

About a year after our 16 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver, an acquaintance approached me and told me about New Hope for Kids. She, too, was a bereaved mother and was involved with the organization. She said she was finding healing as she facilitated the healing of others. I have always loved working with children of all ages and I knew immediately that this was something I wanted, and needed, to do.

I continue to volunteer because I see the steady progress the children make in coming to terms with their grief and then their ability to move on. It is uplifting to see this process take place over and over again. What could be more affirming to the human spirit than these children, who, having been given more than you would think they could handle, begin to laugh and comfort others?
– Diane G.




Annual Giving Society

Giving Kids Hope Annual Giving Society

New Hope for Kids is Florida’s largest independent grief support program and Central Florida’s oldest wish fulfilment organization. Over the years, we have helped over 2,500 children through grief facilitation and granted over 1,200 wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses in Central Florida. Our mission is to bring hope, healing and happiness to children and families suffering grief, loss or life-threatening illnesses.

But there are still thousands more who desperately need our services, so we are asking for your help.

A Growing Need

New Hope for Kids has established the Giving Kids Hope Annual Giving Society to provide a consistent source of community support for our programs. Last year alone, 240 children and 200 adults went through our Grief Program and this year more families than ever are knocking on our door. Our Special Circumstances grief program for survivors of homicide or suicide deaths has grown significantly over the last two years.

Why We Need Your Annual Gift

New Hope for Kids relies on the support of individuals within our community, and we make sure that all donations are used wisely to complete our mission. We are proud that over 93% of our revenue goes directly to program services, one of the highest averages in the nation.

But there is a cost to provide our programs to Central Florida’s children and families and their numbers grow every year. Grief Support costs $1,200 per child each year while our Wishes for Kids Program costs an average of $2,500 per child. Your annual gift will ensure that we meet the needs of Central Florida’s kids.

Annual Giving Levels

Level: Sustaining Member $10,000 ($834.00 per month)

  • Sustaining-member recognition on our donor wall
  • Personal recognition gift
  • Engraved donor brick
  • Leadership Giving Society dinner with a distinguished speaker
  • Recognition in Charter Membership Roster
  • Invitation to exclusive Donor Reception
  • Receipt of New Hope for Kids newsletter
  • Recognition in all New Hope for Kids publications

Gold Level$5,000 ($417.00 per month)

  • Gold-level recognition on our donor wall
  • Personal Gold Member recognition gift
  • Six tickets for the “Art of the Vine” Event
  • Twenty-five tickets to the Annual Mascot Games
  • Recognition in Charter Membership Roster
  • Invitation to exclusive Donor Reception
  • Lifetime subscription to New Hope for Kids newsletter
  • Recognition in all New Hope for Kids publications

Silver Level $2,500 ($209.00.00 per month)

  • Silver-level recognition on our donor wall
  • Silver-level recognition gift of four tickets to the “Art of the Vine” event and twelve tickets to the Annual Mascot Games
  • Invitation to exclusive Donor Reception
  • Lifetime subscription to New Hope for Kids newsletter
  • Recognition in New Hope for Kids publications

Bronze Level $1,000 ($84.00 per month)

  • Bronze-lember recognition on our donor wall
  • Bronze-level recognition gift of two tickets to the “Art of the Vine” event and six tickets to the Annual Mascot Games
  • Invitation to exclusive Donor Reception
  • Lifetime subscription to New Hope for Kids newsletter
  • Recognition in New Hope for Kids publications

New Hope Fellow $500 ($42.00 per month)

  • Fellow-level recognition gift of two tickets to the Annual Mascot Games
  • Invitation to Fellows and Friends Donor Reception
  • Lifetime subscription to New Hope for Kids newsletter
  • Recognition in New Hope for Kids annual report

New Hope Friend $100 ($8.50 per month)

  • Friend-level recognition gift
  • Invitation to Fellows & Friends Donor Reception
  • Lifetime subscription to New Hope for Kids newsletter
  • Recognition in New Hope for Kids annual report