Wish Letters

Wish Letters



Diana Nazario ha sido una de las niñas afortunadas en conocer a la gente maravillosa de la gran familia de New Hope for Kids. Durante los últimos 2 anos hemos estado compartiendo con los niños en los campamentos de verano y otras actividades en donde los impedimentos de nuestros niños se convierten en laxos que unen mas cada día a esta gran familia de New Hope for Kids.
El sueno de Diana siempre fué el formar parte del Mundo Mágico de Disney y ser una de sus princesas. Sue sueno se convirtió en realidad el verano de 2005 cuando recibió, ella y toda su familia, pases anuales para los parque de Disney. Aquí tuvo la oportunidad de conocer por primera a los verdaderos personajes de Walt Disney World. Esta experiencia le sirvió grandemente en su capacidad para relacionarse con otras personas y valorizar la oportunidad que otros niños alrededor del mundo no tendrán en toda su vida. Al tener dos niños discapacitados la familia tuvo durante todo un ano la oportunidad de disfrutar y compartir juntos los sueños de uno de sus hijos. Las discapacidades nunca le impidieron disfrutar de sus sueños en la vida real. “Gracias por darme los tickets de Disney, ver el castillo donde viven las princesas. El parque que más me gustó fue Magic Kingdom y Splash Mountain”, fueron las palabras que la niña pronunció al preguntarle sobre esta maravillosa experiencia.
Nuevamente deseamos dar gracias a Dios y a New Hope for Kids por permitir a la Familia Nazario vivir y disfrutar la fantasía de nuestra niña. Sabemos que al igual que nosotros otros niños han podido ver realizados sus sueños gracias al su trabajo de New Hope for Kids. Rogamos a Dios miles de bendiciones para todos ustedes y sus seres queridos.


From Jeremiah’s Mom…
My three year old son Jeremiah was born severely premature at 23 weeks gestation. As a result of his prematurity, Jeremiah has Cerebral Palsy. Our wish for Jeremiah was to attend The Conductive Education Centers of Florida, a program for Children with motor disabilities. “Conductive Education helps its students realize self-reliance through high expectations and a unique, holistic approach to teaching. The Conductive Education philosophy is based on the adaptive powers of the brain and neurological system. Through repetition of tasks, the brain finds new ways to send messages to various muscle groups in order to execute and strengthen the desired movements.” During the few months that Jeremiah has been enrolled he has started working on potty traing, crawling, feeding, walking and other self help skills to allow him to gain some independence. Conductive education has benefited Jeremiahs greatly. Without New Hope for Kids Wish Program, Jeremiah would not have made the strides he has began to make in such a short period of time. We appreciate how New Hope for kids involves the entire family in the wish and strives to provide opportunities for the wish kids and their families to experience other great activities throughout the years. Though Jeremiah has many challenges to overcome we are encouraged about Jeremiah’s potential and future. We will be forever grateful to New Hope for Kids and the wish they made possible for our son. Samantha
“Sam” is only 9 years old suffering from the rare, but fatal, skin disease called scleroderma. Her wish was to ride in a limousine with her friends and family to Orlando International Airport and watch the planes come in. New Hope for Kids provided that and much more! West Wing Limousine picked Sam up and drove to OIA, stopped for lunch and games at McDonald’s and completed the wish with a shopping spree at Altamonte Mall. Sam was treated to a new hairdo by Tamara at Hair Cuttery and manicure by Lee Nails. Special fashion consultants helped her at Limited Two, and the Sears sporting department manager greeted Sam with a bouquet of balloons and helped her find the perfect “Gazelle” machine. It was a long and happy day! Sam wrote the following letter to help others understand her feelings.

Letter from Samantha
Hi! My name is Samantha; all my friends know me as “Sam.” I am very happy and my mom is very proud of me, because I have accomplished my goal to make Honor Roll. This is a very, very special day for me because I have something very important to tell all of you.
I have Juvenile Scleroderma, which means my body is fighting against itself. My doctors say I am systemic and that will shorten my life, but that’s okay. I’m not sad because I know I will join the angels and watch over all of the people I love. I wish everyone could understand what my family and I are going through. We laugh and we cry, we hope and we have pain. But why I’m telling each of you is this…
I am Sam and I will never give up on myself, and if I can teach one person one thing, it is that no matter what life gives you, you NEVER GIVE UP! Because I believe in angels and they watch over us all, someday I too will be an angel watching over you. Please be kind and make each other smile.

Love, Sam Angel

Thank you so much for making Rachel’s wish for a dog come true. Lexie has become part of the family. Rachel and her siblings love playing with Lexie, feeding her, brushing her, giving her a bath, and taking her for walks. Rachel was so excited and filled with wonder when her dream came true. We also appreciate the gift cards for Pets Mart and your assistance with veterinary bills. Thanks also for the gifts you brought for Rachel’s little brother and sister, Joshua and Hope. John, Mary & Rachel

P.S Thank you very much

P.P.S My dad is starting to like Lexie better