Wish Parent Virtual Support Group

New Hope Wishes for Kids’ Virtual Group

Hello Parents,

We are looking forward to being able to connect virtually through New Hope Wises for Kids’ (NHWFK) Virtual Group sessions, through a software we have launched with Zoom Pro.

Getting Set Up/Logistics:

  • NHWFK program staff will be conducting the video group from a private location where the staff member is the only person in the room.
  • As a participant, you will want to be in a private location where you can speak openly without being overheard or interrupted by others to protect your own confidentiality. If you can not, we are requesting that you wear a headset or earplugs to increase confidentiality and also to increase the sound quality of your group.

Recording of Sessions is Not Permitted: Please note that recording, screenshots, etc. of any kind of any session is not permitted and are grounds for termination of your right to participate in NHWFK’s Virtual Group. Even with this rule, NHWFK cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of conversations held via phone, as phone conversations can be intercepted.

Connection Loss During Phone and/or Video Sessions: If you lose phone and/or video connection during your group session, click the Zoom link again to take you back to your group session.

Release of Liability: I unconditionally release and discharge NHWFK, its affiliates, agents, employees from any liability in connection with my participation in the NHWFK Virtual Groups.

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