It Was Snow Much Fun

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Samantha, a 12 year old with cerebral hypoplasia and ataxia, never considered the possibility that her wish might not come true. She knew she wanted to see snow, go sledding and make a snowman! With a little help from friends at the Liberty Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania she is pictured above fulfilling her dream.

What does it take to stop a dream? Is it fear of failure? Lack of self-confidence? I wish I had the courage I see demonstrated by the children and families I serve. Is it difficult for me to get going in the morning? I have a body that works, a mind that is sound (despite what friends and families might think ha ha), and resources to fulfill any dream I might pursue.

What stops you from fulfilling your dreams? Let’s take a hint from Samantha, and make those changes we think about but never do. Start writing that book. Begin a new routine. Forget about TV for a while, and paint your masterpiece. Whatever is in your heart, go for it! Let me know if Samantha’s dream motivates you!