Wishes 101

Wishes 101 pic

New Hope for Kids makes every effort to be user-friendly. The Wish Application process is straightforward and simple. Once it has been completed, a visit is scheduled with the Wishes for Kids Director to discuss and make plans to grant the wish. Sam is not yet 19, lives in Central Florida, has never had a wish before and most important, her doctor has verified that she has a life-threatening illness. As long as Sam’s wish is within NHFK Wish Guidelines and financial capabilities, it will be granted. (In the picture, Kayln counts the links in her paper chain that show her how many days she must wait for her Disney cruise.)

The Wish Director is most concerned about hearing Sam’s wish—a place to visit, a person to meet, an experience or a special gift—it’s up to her. Once the wish has been confirmed, it’s time to discuss the best way to make it happen. Timing is wish-driven. For example: Will the wish be a trip to see snow next winter or a beach vacation this summer? A computer system to begin the new school year or a prom dress and graduation accouterments?

Sam’s immediate family is part of her wish; they receive encouragement, too. Siblings are always included in the Wish Celebration and receive a gift basket of their own.