Why do we love twinkle lights?

wish_blog_twinkle_lightsThere are hundreds of pictures on Pinterest showing how to decorate with twinkle lights, fairy lights, and icicle lights. They come in every color, combination and shape imaginable. But WHY are we drawn to their display? Here’s a possible answer in case you are seeking one.

Like the stars in the heavens, or millions of phones lit up at a concert, or decorations at weddings, during holidays or for no purpose other than beauty, I think we are drawn to the light that illustrates the power of one when joined with many to make an impact.

One candle in a room lights a corner; 4 candles lights a room; many candles light a home. One person brings kindness to a dark corner of this world. Four people lift up a neighborhood. Many people bring healing and wholeness to a community.

How do you shine? Everyone has a light inside, though some are dim and others have nearly gone out. Will you help revive that one? Some show kindness; some offer structure and direction; many have a heart for hospitality. We are a huge collection of broken pieces to create a mosaic of purpose and provision.

You sing, I paint; she teaches; he builds. One cares for children; another for the elderly; and there are those who provide homes for disabled veterans. These are the gifts we have to offer. We all have some. What are your gifts? Will you share them?

Be the smile that lights the room. Be the hand that lifts the weak. Be the voice that calms the fearful. Be the feet that bring good news. Be the shoulders that carry the burden. Be the heart that loves the unlovely. Be a string of light to the world!