What difference does it make?


Nearly 14 years have passed since I began granting wishes with New Hope for Kids. 700 wishes later, I still ask, “Was there anything else I could have done better? What will the long-range benefits be?”

Wish gifts, trips or experiences are better within a positive relationship between the family and Wishes for Kids. Beyond the gift is the heart of our “New Hope for Kids Family.” It’s composed of a variety of people, personalities and cultures making it interesting and diverse.

A couple of years ago, a wish was granted to a very shy and unassuming young man. His wish was to have a room of his own. His house had burnt down, and his family was sharing a home with a friend. I called a consultant who worked with a University of Central Florida team to make Johnathan’s wish come true. Here’s the letter that came straight from the heart of Johnathan’s father.

“Thank you very much; you really helped put faith and hope back in me and a smile and happy light in my son that I had not seen for some time. After being down for so long, I got to where I couldn’t see the good in people any more. Thank you and the gang for all you’re doing. You all really helped to warm that spot in my heart that had gotten real cold the last two years. Thank you very, very much from the bottom of my heart from me and Johnathan.”

Johnathan died on February 25, 2009 from his illness. I remember him fondly; he was part of our New Hope for Kids family.