Resources Needed

Today I spent time with a remarkable young woman.  Libby is intent on helping New Hope for Kids.  She attended Wish Volunteer training and now every Tuesday and Thursday she does clerical work.  She’s detail-oriented and willing to help, freeing more time to make Wish visits, work with UCF students and make wishes happen.

Libby often expresses how happy she is to volunteer, make new friends, and give back to her community.  Her positive attitude and work ethic are particularly admirable because Libby faces many personal challenges.  A couple of years ago, she had a promising career until surgery left her partially paralyzed.  She uses a wheelchair to get around, driving it to and from church, office and other nearby sites.

After an enjoyable staff outing to SoNapa Restaurant, I took Libby back to her apartment.  She had been gracious and pleasant, though I realize the venture had zapped her energy.  I wondered, “Could I respond to hardship with the same grace and positivity?”  Despite the services available in our community, it is still trying to get around, find bathrooms that accommodate wheelchairs, and find socialization and work.

Maybe you know of some resources to share.  Please write back, so I can share them with families.  Some needs include:

  • Affordable vans with lifts and adaptive devices.
  • Social events for children or adults with special needs.
  • Free housekeeping services.
  • Organizations that provide volunteer companions.
  • Vocations for wheelchair bound teens and adults.
  • Travel groups for adults with special needs.

Please let me hear from you.  Though my primary work is with children, many of our Wish Kids who are now adults continue to seek resources.  I would like to offer as much information to families as possible.  Thanks.