Next Step…

next step picOnce the wish has been confirmed, it’s New Hope’s turn to make it happen. This may require many hours of research, waiting for responses from celebrities, or raising the funds necessary to meet the request. While waiting, families are welcomed into the NEW HOPE FOR KIDS FAMILY. We want to do more than grant the wish; we want to provide ongoing care and fun opportunities for these children and their siblings. A wish may generate the first sign of hope and belonging in a long time. It’s important that our families become friends with one another and break the customary pattern of isolation that often accompanies serious illness and loss. There are awesome events each year: summer day camp, Mascot Games and Meet & Greet (pictured), Fun Fall Festival, October Bowl-a-thon, Winter Holiday party and other free ticket opportunities. There are also resources available through the Wish Director. Many families ask if there is any way they can give back, and we provide ample volunteer opportunities throughout the year, but the best way is to share their story with others.

The wish is absolutely free and meant to cover all the costs. We do have a budget to consider, but make every effort to be as generous as possible. It is designed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Wishes are as variable as their child is. No two are alike. Sam can wish to go to a horseback riding camp, a trip to the Florida Everglades, or receive a drum set and lessons. It’s up to her own imagination!