Wish By Heart

0625091920.jpg It is always best to act when a door is opened…don’t wait around for your feelings to catch up, or you might miss something important.

Late in the summer of 2009, Greg, 17, received a gift worth more than the sports equipment and the gym membership he’d wished to have.  The Wish Granters, a team of UCF students, “adopted” him.   Greg confessed he was happy they had done so because he didn’t have many friends.  That wasn’t entirely true, but his friends were driving, had jobs and girlfriends and would soon go away to college.  Greg has epilepsy (aka seizure disorder) so many doors were closed for him.  But new friends were always welcome!

Gregory’s eyes lit up when The Wish Granters held a party just for him.  They presented him with a game system, games and raised money for the work-out equipment.  The party was at the RDV Sportsplex, donor of a year’s gym membership.  They shared pizza, cake and gifts for Greg, his friends and his family.

The great part about the Wish Granters was that they saw Greg’s need for encouragement and friendship.  Throughout the semester and afterwards, Greg’s team took him to the movies, bowling, and listened to him.  Greg was changed; I saw the magic of friendship happen before my eyes. I have a feeling Greg touched the lives of the Wish Granters, too.  It was truly “A Wish by Heart.”

Maybe you will choose to give of your time, financial support or resources, or maybe you know of a child who would benefit from a wish.  I look forward to hearing from you.