I Couldn’t Have Said It Better


Dear Rosie & New Hope Staff,

I finally got around to organizing the pics and have been meaning to send this email to you since we got back. Our cruise was amazing and a blessing that refreshed and renewed us as a family. The children are still talking about their experience on the Disney Cruise and it is still unbelievable to us that we went on such a wonderful trip. We can’t thank you/New Hope enough!! Tati was able to meet other wish children, as the Wish Director on the cruise held a party for all the children in different wish programs. It was an uplifting and encouraging moment.

Tati and Elijah were so funny, on the last day of the cruise they were devising ways that they could stay on the ship and asked if they could work as servers. lol! I told them they had to graduate from college first! 😉

I’m attaching a few pictures. The lady in the picture (not shown) was our Disney Wish Coordinator, Bernadette from Hungary, and she did an amazing job making sure we were enjoying ourselves and that everything was taken care of for Tati and her special needs. The dolphin swim was the highlight for Tati…the water was surprisingly cold. brrr! 🙂 Gussie was the dolphin assigned to our group and Tati fell in love with her.

This will be a memory that we will forever cherish. A blessing that gave Tati a fresh perspective on her condition and hope for the future that God will always take care of her every need. And a blessing for our family during a time of much stress in our lives–it was wonderful to forget about things and relax for a little while. Many thanks again!

Micki, Tatiana & Elijah