Follow the Road to Wishes

follow the road to wishes pic

I’ve tried to write a blog before, and failed to continue on a regular basis. Times have changed, and I have more opportunity to remain a faithful “blographer.”

The WISH is first on my list. What is it? Who may receive a wish? What is involved in the process of wish-granting? Let’s take a walk through the steps to a New Hope for Kids Wish. Pack your bag with curiosity and imagination. Let’s get going!

Meet Sam. She has been traveling down a dark passage full of injections, blood tests, people donning white coats, and places reeking of medicinal odors. She’s been brave and compliant always looking for balloons, smiles and the magic words, “You can go home now.” More than anything, Sam wants to be with her friends, back at school and prefers to be doing homework instead of chemotherapy and even doing chores rather than check-ups. Sam doesn’t complain or cry much. She wants to help her mommy and daddy. She looks away from their strained and apprehensive expressions. She knows once they’re all home again, she will hear sighs of relief and the loudest will be hers!

After months, sometimes years, Sam’s family and many like them are exhausted, financially drained and emotionally distraught. They need something positive and uplifting to infuse hope again. In walks the WISH.