Men, I need some help over here! As Volunteer Coordinator I am surrounded daily by nothing but women! I can’t complain too much…But for our kids, having more positive male role models in their life is crucial. Many of our children have lost their father and they truly thrive having a male presence around, even if it is just while they are here at the Grief Center.

So, if you enjoy working with kids and want to be a part of helping ours get through a very difficult time of their life, please consider becoming a Grief Facilitator. You get to work with our kids in an activity-based grief group, then have fun with them playing foosball, air hockey, or just bouncing off the walls and hitting the punching bag in our Hurricane Room! Not to mention painting, arts and crafts, and sand play.

I am a trained Grief Facilitator myself and cannot begin to explain how enjoyable it is to work with these kids. If you have the time and are looking to give something back, there’s no other experience like it.

Take a look at what some of our current male grief facilitators have to say about their experience…

My time at New Hope for Kids has truly been a life-changing experience. Managing the communications department for a large company, I had always interacted with non-profit organizations, but this was the first ‘roll up my sleeves and get involved’ moment of my life. In a word: humbling.

To watch the growth of the kids you work with is overwhelming. I would highly recommend involvement with this outstanding organization. It is rewarding. And the work you are doing for those who need it most lasts a lifetime. -Ryan

A few years ago I was introduced to a truly wonderful organization called “New Hope for Kids”. Being a huge “kid” person I was immediately drawn to New Hope and wanted to get involved. The idea of being able to impact a child’s life in a positive way is a gift like no other, but little did I know they would impact my life in such a positive way. It never ceases to amaze me just how resilient, strong and adaptive children are to the most tragic of circumstances. It is something that is not only uplifting to me, but awe-inspiring as well. As I said it is a wonderful organization that is only made better by all of my amazing fellow volunteers, the exceptional New Hope staff, and all the strong families that walk through the door. -Lou

Volunteering as a Grief Facilitator has proven to be a mutually rewarding experience for the youth I work with and myself. This dynamic exchange allows both parties to share experiences and gain perspective that help facilitate the grieving process. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to serve as a positive male role model, and hope that I can improve the lives of all those I meet as much as they improve mine. -Chad

Contact me if you would like to set up a time to meet and discuss more details.

Cory Johns, Volunteer Coordinator
407-599-0909 x2