This Years Drawing of Chance Winner for a New 2009 BMW 128i

This Years Drawing of Chance Winner
for a New 2009 BMW 128i.

Board member Elizabeth Peele, BMW winner Linda Frosch and
New Hope for Kids Executive Director David Joswick
celebrate as Linda receives the keys to her new BMW!

Linda Frosch of Maitland is a caring, giving, active member of the Maitland community. She’s an attorney in private practice, a member of the city council, has a business producing education videos on topics of law for the public, she belongs to the Maitland Chamber of Commerce, Art Center and Historical Society, and is one of the founders of a non-profit society that supports Maitland police officers and fire fighters. Linda is also a member of the board of Heart to Heart, a home for women and children who need a safe place and rehabilitation after an abuse situation. She’s also proud to serve as board member for the Center for Dance which provides dance lessons for underprivileged children.

When Linda heard New Hope for Kids board member Elizabeth Peele speak about New Hope for Kids at a Maitland City Council Meeting she felt compelled to help our organization in some way. Linda’s own grief experiences had shown her the need for specialized help for children who are affected by death. She realizes many people want to help but don’t know how. So when she heard about the BMW drawing of chance, Linda knew this was one way she could support New Hope for Kids.

Each year, the drawing for the BMW is held at the Art of the Vine fundraising event. This year was no exception. At 10:00pm on March 27, 2009 at Fields BMW in Winter Park, hundreds of excited guests gathered around the stage as the ticket barrel was turned. When it came to a rest, John Mantione, Fields BMW general manager, reached deep into the barrel, pulled out one ticket stub and read it to the anxious crowd. “The winner is Linda Frosch of Maitland!” A mixture of reactions ran through the room, but plenty of cheers and applause were offered to Linda, who was unable to attend the event.

Linda’s compassionate spirit was evidenced once again when she announced that she would not be keeping the car, but giving it to her sister.

She had never won anything in her life, and never expected to win this time. Linda only wanted to support us financially. When she got the call announcing she was the winner, Linda knew her prayers had been answered. She said it was clear to her that God had blessed her with this car so that she could bless her sister during a very difficult time in her life. When Linda offered her this wonderful gift, her sister was speechless. Once the reality of it sunk in, they talked about how this experience has affected their lives. She and her sister both feel such relief that her transportation needs have been met, and know that New Hope for Kids will always be a part of their lives.