Matching Money


You can help twice as much as you thought by donating now! A generous offer to match new donations to New Hope for Kids will double your dollars and help us do twice as much with your tax-deductible gift.

  • With your $50 donation, we can provide $100 worth of camp supplies to our grief and wish kids this summer.
  • Your $100 gift will mean $200 in support group activity materials will be available to kids grieving the death of a parent, sibling or other person close to them.
  • A $1,000 contribution from you becomes $2,000 which will cover the costs incurred for 2 children attending grief support groups at New Hope for Kids for 1 year.
  • Your generous donation of $2,000 will transform into $4,000, which will pay to grant the wish of a child fighting a life threatening illness in our Wishes for Kids program.
  • Want to help us replace an old 1984-era AC unit in our building? All new gifts will be doubled, and each one will help reduce our expense of $7,300!

We’re so grateful to HCF for the opportunity to double your dollars with their matching grant. Their generous support has been an important part of our success since we started our organization in 1996!