Gift Drive Frequently Asked Questions

Do all items need to be new?

Yes, please ensure that all items are new. We do not accept used items (even gently used).

Can I wrap the gifts?

To help us with our distribution process, items should not be wrapped.

What if I cannot find the specific item a child is looking for?

If you are not able to find the item the child has requested, use your best judgment. Look for a similar
item or substitute it with an item you think the child would like.

Should I supply gift receipts?

Gift receipts are greatly appreciated.

Can I deliver my gifts to families or meet some of the kids in your program?

Due to very strict confidentiality regulations and our firm commitment to the safety and well being of
our families, members of the community may not interact with our clients.

Is my gift tax deductible? How do I get a tax receipt?

Yes, donations to the toy drive are tax deductible. To receive a tax receipt for your donation, please
attach your name, email or address and value of your donation and a receipt will be sent via email or
mailed to you.

Will I get a personal thank you from the child for my gift?

Gifts are given to each child anonymously due to privacy/safety regulations. Although you will not
receive a thank you from the child you have selected, please know that every gift is very much

Thank you for making the holidays brighter for New Hope’s kids!!!

Still have a question?

Contact Rhonda Schuh:
407-401-0784 (cell)