The Healing Activity of… Skydiving!





New Hope for Kids Special Circumstances Group helps families deal with the unique challenges of grief when the death of a loved one is caused by suicide or homicide. In the article below, read how one mom is dealing with these challenges and seeing a bright future ahead for herself and her son.

My son and I were blessed the instant we were informed of your grief support program. I instantly learned that I was not alone. By learning from the others at various stages of grief, I was able to move forward, finding positive ways to heal. My own healing enables me to be a greater support for my son, who anxiously awaits every visit to the facility! He shows continued improvement in expressing his feelings. While the road ahead is long and uncertain, we know that it is filled with faith, hope, and a bright future.

As part of my personal healing process, I searched for a goal or activity that would symbolize my own strength and healing. I needed something that would prove to my inner self that I was stronger than I ever before imagined I could be…I chose skydiving! Through great faith, prayer, and growth achieved through the support group, I was able to overcome an old fear on March 22. It was truly a positive release for me! Floating above the clouds in a parachute for a few minutes certainly gave me a greater appreciation for life and the future that it holds.

Reading this quote daily has also helped me in many ways:
“In our lives, we have many trials. But in the end, it’s those trials that make us the people we are today. Don’t hold on to the things that make you sad, but the things that bring you happiness and joy. Don’t take for granted the people you have in front of you, because tomorrow they could walk right out of your life without you having a chance to say a proper goodbye. For today you should smile because one moment of you being sad is a moment of happiness you cannot replace.” (author unknown)

My sincere gratitude goes to all of the staff and volunteers at New Hope for Kids!

~ Angel, member of New Hope for Kids Special Circumstances Group