Our New Way of Life

My name is Danielle and my daughter is Sabrine, who is 9 years old. We started coming to New Hope for Kids in February 2007. I lost my husband in May 2005, due to a heart attack. He was my best friend, support and hope and for my daughter she lost her Daddy, who was everything in her eyes.

When I started New Hope for Kids, I had no idea on how it would change our lives for the better. From the first time we came, my daughter, who was withdrawn, quiet, and angry, suddenly opened up and couldn’t wait for the next time we could go. It was like watching a child who went through such an experience finally feel safe, excited, and its a place where she feels other children can relate to her. I could see in her attitude and eyes, this is where she feels she belongs.

New Hope for Kids have given us such support in understanding that this is our “new way of life” and that we will and can move on, even though it is tough, especially during the Holidays but we have support and wonderful activities to keep us going. This past Christmas, which was our first with New Hope for Kids, not only did we have a Christmas gift giving, which Sabrine wouldn’t have a Christmas without it, due to financial strains, made by the generosity of donations made by the community, but we got to experience the Champs Bowl Festival for the kids, the Champs Bowl football game, as well as a wonderful time at Sea World’s Shamu’s Yuletide Celebration. Words cannot express my gratitude to New Hope for Kids and the wonderful sponsors who participated in making this one of the most cherished experiences we’ve had since Gordon’s passing.

Sabrine and I are so thankful to New Hope for Kids and the community is supporting such a wonderful program and in continuing to help us heal that one day we will be strong enough to be able to give back and help others.