Memorial Garden & Play Area

The Building New Hope, Garden of Hope Campaign will raise funding for the construction of a multi-use play area and memorial garden on the property surrounding our current facility.

Fresh air, gardens and exercise will become part of the healing process which, until now, has only taken place indoors. We are excited to add these outstanding spaces where children and families in our programs can experience another important layer of healing in a beautiful, natural setting.

We would be so grateful for your support in this endeavor. Will you consider making a donation? Please look through our list of fun, colorful, and meaningful items waiting to be sponsored

Your support will create a lasting legacy

For more information, contact Marla Sullivan  |   407-331-3059 x12

Basketball Court


This court will provide an area for healthy exercise where teens can work out stress and begin to work through the difficult process of grief recovery.

Meditation Path


Children and adults can stroll through the garden path and relive memories of loved ones in peace and tranquility.

Multipurpose Play Field


Here, children can play yard soccer, tag and other sports. Your generous support will provide hours of healthy activity while they work through their grief.

Butterfly Garden


This part of the garden will be filled with plants and flowers that attract butterflies. Children of all ages can sit and enjoy the beauty of nature.


$7,500 each

Red: Middles Playhouse, ages 7-12

Yellow: Littles Playhouse, ages 3-6

Arbor & Sitting Area


Children and adults can sit to reflect while they enjoy the garden area. This relaxing place will help them deal with the many emotions of grief recovery.

Miscellaneous Design Elements

From $100 - $5,000

Choose from the decorative fountain, Foursquare area, topiaries, chairs and lights.

Fountain Area $5,000
Foursquare Area $2,500
Double Garden Bench $750
Garden Adirondack Chairs (10) $500 each
Garden Rocking Chairs (3) $500 each
Garden Bench $200
Garden Tables (5) $150 each
Toy Storage Chest $150
Large Dog $250
Medium Butterfly $150
Small Butterfly $125
Dragonfly (2) $150 each
Large Rabbit $175
Medium Rabbit $150
Small Rabbit $125
Bumblebee $125
Cat $125
Wall Décor – Dragonfly & Butterfly  $175
Dragonfly Garden Stones $100
Decorative Old Man Tree Face $100
Decorative Glow in the Dark Tree Face $100
Decorative Solar Flowers  $100
Decorative Solar Lights $100
Wind Chimes $100
Garden Gnomes $100
Sports Equipment $300