Follow the Road to Wishes

Follow the Road to Wishes

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I’ve tried to write a blog before, and failed to continue on a regular basis. Times have changed, and I have more opportunity to remain a faithful “blographer.”

The WISH is first on my list. What is it? Who may receive a wish? What is involved in the process of wish-granting? Let’s take a walk through the steps to a New Hope for Kids Wish. Pack your bag with curiosity and imagination. Let’s get going!

What My Mom Taught Me


I am among the blessed; I had the best Mom in the world. That’s the way I’ve always seen her. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be just like Martha Marie; and as an adult, I realize how truly amazing she really was. When she died in 1988, I thought, “Mom, you weren’t here long enough. Your life was too short.” She was only 68. As I near that age, I know that was right on the spot! It takes a lifetime to learn to live well and another needed to live it. (Maybe that’s what Heaven is for.) I’m so thankful for the lessons I learned early in my life because of my Mom and Dad. These are the ones I value most:

The Story of Genesis and Hope by Pam Ruben

As the mom of a “wish kid,” I know that a wish is much more than a magical moment, or a special family vacation for a child who is sick. When my daughter’s wish was granted, we were filled with an indescribable feeling of hope, just like Genesis’ family.  A wish means that something has gone right in the world where much has gone wrong. A wish is a once in a lifetime experience to look forward to, and then to treasure afterwards. A wish (from New Hope’s Wishes for Kids program) brings a team of caring people into your life whose sole purpose is to bring happiness to your child.  I wish Genesis and the Lopez family joy and happiness on their Disney Cruise, a family vacation that will last a lifetime. –Pam

Letters from the Heart of a Hopeful Mom

162.JPGI was honored when New Hope Wish Director, Rosie Wilder invited me to Guest Blog for their “Wishes for Kids” program.  As a writer, and (more importantly) a “Wish Mom”, I cherish every opportunity to spread the word about New Hope’s Wishes for Kids, and how a once in a lifetime wish can bring “New Hope” into the life of a sick child for years to come. This blog is made up of letters from the heart of a hopeful mom. –Pam Ruben

Back-to-School Thoughts

Regardless of the hot, steamy days, fall has arrived with the return to school, football games and frenzied activities.  For some, this is a joyous time to be reunited with friends, challenged by more complicated studies and energized through extracurricular opportunities.

What is it like for children who have a disability? Will they find joy in their new classes? Acceptance by their peers? Understanding from their teachers? Access to activities of their choice? The answer to these questions are as varied as the children who attend our schools. Here are my top 10 guidelines to help every child prepare for a positive outcome at school:

Anatomy of a Volunteer

The anatomy of a New Hope for Kids Volunteer includes:

Vibrant spirit.
Open mind willing to learn.
Loving heart full of compassion.
Understanding and joyful personality.
Nerves of steel and patience of Job.
Time to share.
Ears that listen without judgement.
Eyes that see the needs of others.
Real people: any shape, size, age or origin.

Beginning Again

photo-2.JPGIt’s the first day of August–the perfect opportunity to begin blogging again.  I apologize for my absence; I have learned that regular blogging is not as easy as I thought it might be.  Generally, I write the way I talk–way too much! Hence, my naive assumption that words would roll on to the page as profusely as they come off my tongue.  Not so.

The reason I chose to begin a blog has not changed.  I want readers to learn about the World of Wishes and the children who cope with serious illness daily.  Since 1999 when I began granting wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses, I’ve learned a few lessons.  These include:

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