Victoria’s Wish

Victoria’s Wish

Victoria is a curious and energetic little girl. She delights in playing on playground   equipment and digging in the dirt. She loves going outside and exploring the world around her; the butterflies and flowers, turtles and lizards, and rocks and sticks.


My husband and I bought this house with the yard in mind. Unfortunately, we do not seem to have green thumbs and the yard has not become the paradise we’d hoped for.

Having been born with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect Vika will always struggle with body strength and muscle tone. Now that she has the ability to go outside to play it will broaden her life experiences. Her quality of life would blossom as she explores her surroundings. Playing on a the play set will exercise her muscles and leave her mind free to focus on more academic pursuits. This increased strength and health will be especially important as we prepare for Vika’s impending open heart surgery this summer.

Our hope is that our daughter can enjoy everyday to the fullest. Thank you to New Hope for Kids for making her dream come true!

– Melissa ( Victoria’s Mom)