2016 Blog Preview

Welcome 2016

I love this time of the year…a new beginning….an opportunity to do things differently. Apparently, I am not alone. Gym memberships increase; attics and closets are cleaned and resolutions are made in hopes of better results in the New Year. We see possibilities that the future could bring if we could only stick to our plans and make them.

Say Good-bye to 2015

As unbelievable as it sounds, 2015 is on its way out. Most assuredly, this year has come with its sparkles, fizzles and everything in between. There is a knack to letting go and moving forward. It’s not always easy for me. How about you? This may sound logical but it’s not simple: Letting go of hurtful memories, grudges or misplaced guilt encourages forward movement.

What is the secret to living more freely? Try some of these:

We Give Thanks to Our Wish Partners!

In March 2015, the end of Cornerstone caused a loss of $50,000 for wishes. In May, wish expenditures were capped. Any additional wishes would need to be fully financially sponsored. This has thrown New Hope’s Wishes for Kids into a transition period. Since the loss of this revenue, God has answered prayers and new wish sponsors are in place.

Twenty-two wishes had been completed by the end of June. Since then, eight more have been completely sponsored through the generosity and compassion of corporate and individual donors. Now a total of 30 children have received their wishes. We want to say thank you to the following sponsors:

Memorable Wishes of 2015

I am frequently asked, “What Wish have you granted that stands out from the rest?” It’s a difficult question, because there are so many and each one holds its own charm. Every child is unique and I like to think that their wish is the best wish each and every time. However, I do have some pictures and stories to share…

The Secret to Becoming a Good Listener

Listening is a fine art that requires focus and genuine interest. Frequently, I have found that I am forming a response in my mind rather than listening to the person who is speaking to me. Sound familiar? We are anxious to provide an answer from our wealth of knowledge, while the speaker, our friend, may not want an answer at all.

When your partner, child or best friend comes to you pouring out a complaint or concern, their greatest need is to be acknowledged. The best way to do this is to “reflect” what they have said. In essence, you are holding a verbal mirror up so that the speaker knows you heard him and he also hears himself more clearly. It requires listening very carefully. Whatever your mate, child or friend shares, share it back in a paraphrase. They will know that you actually listened and heard their complaint. This opens the door for more conversation. Details can be added, clarified and anger diffused. Eventfully, they may even ask for your opinion.

The Best Gift

wish_blog_best_giftA Gift List may contain an I-Phone, I-Pad, Laptop, car, trip, cruise or another lavish item you’ve longed to possess. You may or may not receive these. Don’t despair, think about the best gifts you have received?

When I consider that question, I find that the very best gifts aren’t tangible items at all. Sure, I loved my first two-wheel bike, but the day my Dad sat in the middle of our living room floor to play jacks and marbles, I felt like the most special daughter ever! TIME is a gift that we are not required to give to other. Family and friends can get so caught up in their responsibilities that they do not have “time” to spend with loved ones. Time is what life is made of and meant to be used wisely.