Jazmine’s Genies

Jazmine’s Genies

Jazmine 1Jazmine is a spirited 7 year old with a rare disease called Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome. She painfully suffers through the majority of the long list of ailments caused by KTS which significantly affect her day to day activities.

Jazmine has already undergone 13 different surgeries plus countless procedures and appointments. Her medical needs often require her family to travel from Lake Mary to Tampa or even as far away as New York. As you can imagine, the travel-related expenses and noncovered medical needs cause a significant financial burden for her family, not to mention the emotional roller coaster they endure. Despite all this, Jazmine, whose favorite color is pink and who wishes to go on a Disney cruise with her favorite character Hook, is an energetic, positive little girl.

Jazmine GroupUCF Cornerstone team Jazmine’s Genies “adopted” Jazmine to help make her wish come true. They not only raised $2,025 for her cruise, they also combined another $787 plus $3,303 of in-kind donations to host the most incredible tea party in town! The Orlando Sheraton Downtown provided a dinner room and patio complete with twinkling lights for her beautifully decorated tea party, “Jazmine in Wonderland”. It was complete with a chocolate milk “tea” ceremony, scones, cakes and then a full meal. As DJ Cheyenne played music, Jazmine and her friends spontaneously began dancing and singing. It was beyond precious.

Many caring people contributed to this magical evening. Delicious food came from the Sheraton, Tropical Smoothie and Tuscan Pizza, decorations and supplies from Target, a gift bag full of cruise niceties for the whole family from Wal-Mart, face painting by Clown Service, and new hairdos by Jane Ellis at Unique Hair for Mom, Jazmine and her two sisters. The team even provided a date night gift card for mom and dad!

At the conclusion of their class assignment, Jazmine’s Genies shared, “The most meaningful part of the project was feeling the love and appreciation from the Gonzales family.” Now they have everything they need for a fun time on ship Disney Dream!