Wishes for Kids

In 1985, the Children’s Wish Program was founded as a not-for-profit charity and is the longest running wish program in Central Florida. Children’s Wish was created to provide hope and a once in a lifetime experience to children fighting a life-threatening illness. New Hope Wishes for Kids Program continues the legacy by providing wishes for children in the Central Florida area. We often serve children that other organizations are not able to serve.

Wishes for Kids grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses who have not yet reached their 19th birthday nor had a wish previously granted. A life-threatening illness is defined by New Hope for Kids as any illness which will in all likelihood shorten the child’s full life expectancy.

Although the Wishes for Kids Program is not able to cure the life-threatening illnesses of their wish children, it is proud to grant wishes and go beyond the wish – offering support, resources and community for these special families. New Hope for Kids Wishes for Kids Program uses it’s resources to lighten the burden for the wish child and their families.

New Hope Wishes for Kids program is unique for the following reasons:

    New Hope Wishes for Kids Program is not affiliated with a national organization, but is an independent, locally based charity that focuses on Central Florida children. Occasionally a wish is granted out of Central Florida, but 90% or more are granted right here. That means the money that is raised by Central Florida community members goes right back into our economy.
    Because most of our wish recipients live in the vicinity, Wishes for Kids is able to provide additional services and support beyond the wish itself. We call ourselves the New Hope Family, because we join together for regular activities to have fun, share resources and provide emotional support. These activities are designed to prevent the isolation and sense of hopelessness that often accompanies an illness. Families help each other while forming lasting relationships.
    Wishes for Kids is able to meet a wide spectrum of needs through wishes and community resources. We follow guidelines, but consider each wish on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the child’s best interests are being met.

When Wishes for Kids grants a wish to a child, it can last a lifetime!

For more information or if you know of a child who would benefit from a wish, please contact:
Tezmon Oehler, Wish Program Director tezmon@newhopeforkids.org or 407-331-3059 x14

Over 1,700 Wishes Granted!

The memories we have of the trip we took with our son shortly before his death are cherished by our family more than words can say. By granting his wish, you gave us all a gift.

When my daughter received her wish, it was like the cancer had to take a back seat to her joy. What a blessing New Hope for Kids has been to our entire family!

Our Wish Program needs your support! Consider becoming a Wish Partner:

Organizations, corporations and individuals are encouraged to sponsor a wish for a child. Anyone can be a part through fundraising, donations, or hosting a wish. This makes the event more special for the child and family, but also allows everyone involved the opportunity to enjoy making a child’s wish come true!